Monday, 14 November 2011

Inquiry Scientific

We learned about “Inquiry Scientific” where it required 4 processes. That are:-
1.  Asking question
-          Teacher need to give a topic question to the students
-          Such question should be related to the topic that are going to teach later
-          Should be in form of central guide question

2. Planning & completing an investigation
-          Let the students plan their own activities by using the apparatus in the lab
-          This process should be conducted freely by the students
-          Teacher act as a guider

3.      Answering question
-          Students answer the question given through the experiment they had conducted
-          Every group should given the changes to express their finding

4.    Communicate the result
-          Discuss the result of finding together
-          Lead the students toward the actual answer

We had undergone inquiry ourselves. I really enjoy it as we are giving the opportunity to conduct our own experiment even though we had already known the answer through our previous studied. We find the material and apparatus needed; we do our own experiment even without lab manual which is a very interesting experience. I never experience this before. Our lecture had done this by using the process stated. Let see how she done.

1.      Question: “What is the relationship between buoyant force and the weight of water displaced?”
2.      Plan your experiment. In your experiment should include hypothesis, variables (manipulated, responding, fixed), material and apparatus, procedure and result.
3.      Each group please send a representative to show your result
4.      Our result: When the weight of the object immerse in the water increase, the weight of the water displaced increase.

Buoyant force is the same as the weight of water displaced.

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