Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Concept Map, Concept Cartoon & Discrepant Event

As we all know in order to success in a teaching process, we need to vary our ways of expressing ideas. Therefore, we may use "concept map", "concept cartoon" and "discrepant event "to help us in our teaching. Concept map is actually refers to a diagram that having words that showing linking between one concept with another concept. It always start with a concept and end with a concept. Meanwhile, concept cartoon is a cartoon diagram that having two or more perspectives and normally the perspectives include misconception where teacher ask students to pick their stand from the given perspectives. Teacher can know student prior knowledge and their misconception for an idea.  As for discrepant event, student needs to make prediction and give reason for their predictions. Teacher is then demonstrating. Students need to observe then conclude is their prediction and the observant is the same or discrepant. Then only teacher explain the concept.  You may visit the websites below for example of concept map and concept cartoon and discrepant event. 
Discrepant Event: Rising Water
concept map

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